Reducing Hospital Costs Through Strategic Contractor Management

Streaming: March 30, 2023 | 1PM EST 

The healthcare industry is facing over 30% staff turnover. If a hospital experiences a staff shortage it has a direct impact on patient care and revenue. In response to that, hospitals are looking for ways to overcome the nursing shortage by hiring temporary staff, which as a result may not only triple the cost but also pose additional security & safety challenges. 

In this 25 mins webinar, we will discuss how identity management solutions can support your:

  • Supply chain and traveling nurses managers to better manage the flow of temporary staff 
  • Security managers to automate the access management and ensure the highest level of security in your facility 

What you will learn:

  • Key challenges hospitals will be facing in 2023 with contractor management
  • How identity management (PIAM) and contact tracing solutions can help overcome these challenges
  • How your healthcare facility can afford contractor management solutions
  • How you can prove ROI to your management



Janette Evans

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Healthcare Sales Director


Doug Greenwald


Digital Transformation Advisor